Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekends Are For...(part 2)

Weekends are for eating your weight in pico de gallo.

Weekends are for watching good movies.

Weekends are for leftover pancakes for breakfast.  Besides butter and syrup, my favorite pancake topping is peanut butter and banana, or jelly.  And pancakes don't have to be pretty or fluffy to taste good!

Weekends are for visiting family.  My grandma has dementia, and is in a lovely home about 40 minutes away.  It's a great place- she once told us that it was the best vacation she's ever been on!

Weekends are for eating multiple hamburgers.  Dinner last night, late lunch today! And Fatburger is the place to go, man.

It's the last great hamburger stand!

The Fat Fish was delicious, and the steak fries were just the way fat fries should be.

When my dad and I got home, there was a peach-cranberry cobbler just coming out of the oven.  Thanks Mom! :)

And...weekends are for doing something fun like spending a gift card!  We stopped at Barnes and Noble  on the way home and I had a blast spending one from my last birthday.

So really, my conclusion is that weekends are for eating good food, being with family, and having fun.  I hope yours was full of the best things in life.  :)


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