Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

This was one of those weekends that I wish I could live over again.  We went up to my grandparents' house on Samish Island, and as usual ate dinner at Chuckanut Manor.  They have the most incredible seafood, and I was tempted by the swordfish special and the seafood sauté, but I just had to get to the burger.  

I know the picture is less than mouth-watering, but this burger is without a doubt one of the best ones I've eaten.  And in my family, we eat a lot of burgers!

The fries were crisp and seasoned really well, and you can believe I cleaned my plate...and then helped out my aunt with her's :)

We got to the house and found out that my grandpa bought a truck.  This big beautiful truck.  I asked my dad why and he said it was because Poppop wants to be a cowboy, having just celebrated his 90th birthday.  Go Poppop! :)

It was chilly and the first thing I did was turn on the little gas fire in the Montana Room, which is where I sleep.  I had a Laura Ingalls Wilder moment as I was warming my pajamas on top and then putting them on right in front of the fire.

We went out again for breakfast, this time to a more casual place- the Edison Cafe.

Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite breakfast treats, and I couldn't help but order this one, since it was made in house and all that.  It came swimming in cream cheese and butter, and I was a pretty happy girl!

I also got the Farm to Market Omelette, which had tofu, sweet chili sauce, spinach, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  The only eggs I make at home are scrambled or fried, and an omelette was a nice departure from those.

My dad got the single pancake, which the menu promised was as big as the plate.  He was not disappointed and even gave me a bite.  And the conclusion I drew was that homemade whole wheat flax health nut pancakes are good, but diner pancakes with a generous helping of butter and maple syrup are way, way better.

The only real scheduled event on my calendar was a piano recital on Sunday afternoon, because I'd played in a competition last Wednesday and been chosen for the recital.  My parents and I got all dressed up and drove to the church, and in a nutshell...we found out that the recital had been on Saturday afternoon instead.  There was a miscommunication somewhere along the line, and it meant that I didn't get to play.  So, we invited the family and friends who showed up and my piano teacher and her husband back to our house, where I gave a mini recital and we drank coffee and had cookies.  It wasn't quite the stuffy honors recital we'd been expecting, but it was still nice.  :)

So all things considered, a very good weekend.  I hope yours was excellent, and I hope your coming week is a good one!


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