Friday, March 16, 2012


Seriously.  I think I say it every Friday, but this was a long week.  Not as long as some...but long.  Good things happened (tennis, family, and food) and some not-so-good things (namely, allergies are kicking my tush).  I'm really glad to be back at tennis though! I was out for a while with a knee problem, but I finally got a green light from the doctor to hit the courts again.  Today was cold and beautiful, and it felt great to hit some fuzzy yellow balls. :)

St. Patrick's Day isn't until tomorrow, but I got my corned beef and cabbage in a little early, on Tuesday night.

My aunt had us all over for dinner and fixed an amazing meal.  We also had cornbread muffins and Irish soda bread, and the best cookies I've ever eaten for dessert.  They were from a little local bakery, and the chocolate ginger were absolutely to die for.  There were other flavors too (hazelnut espresso, whiskey pecan, and sweet molasses), but the chocolate ginger were my favorite.

Honestly, it's been a pretty quiet week.  I don't have big plans for tomorrow, but I'm thinking about trying my hand at a recipe for a shamrock shake, since I love them to pieces but can't quite reconcile myself to the health compromise of buying it at McDonald's...haha.

Have a fun St. Patrick's Day and a wonderful weekend!


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