Sunday, March 4, 2012

Caucus and Curry

I went to my first ever caucus yesterday!

Represent. :)

Later, I got this idea that my Saturday night would be a complete waste if I didn't eat Indian food.  So I called my friend Rachel, who plays along with my food whims, and we headed to a local Indian restaurant for dinner.

Once we found free parking (who else hates the highway robbery parking prices?) we walked down and went inside.  Neither of us had been there, but I had read tons of rave reviews on Yelp and so I was feeling pretty confident in our choice.  We started with drinks, a mango lassi for me and mango iced tea for Rachel.

 The lassi was thick and sweet and I enjoyed it, although I don't think I'd  get it again.  But it was a good thing I did last night, because I needed something to keep me alive during the 40+ minute wait for our food.  

This was my favorite, the shrimp coconut curry.  It was absolutely to die for.

The naan was hot and buttery, and beyond good.

We also got a rice and vegetable dish, which was pretty good, and a chicken tikka khan on the  recommendation of Rachel's mom.  For me, the chicken was a close second favorite to the curry.

Dessert was a bowl of mango ice cream.

If you were in Everett and thinking of eating there, I'd give you a cautious recommendation.  Don't go if you're on any sort of schedule, because if your experience is like ours, you'll be in the restaurant for several hours.  But if you want amazing Indian food and don't mind paying some money for it, then this is the place for you.  I was a little peeved about the wait, but to be fair there was only one man serving and he was friendly.

After dinner, Rachel came to my house and we watched "Cheetah Girls 2".  Does anyone else have the new instant Netflix Just for Kids? I have a feeling I'll be watching a lot of old Disney Channel movies...haha.  Cheetah-licious. ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!


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