Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Weekend- ALS DoubleDay 2011!

This year, for the second time, I rode the ALS DoubleDay to raise money and awareness for research and support of those who have ALS.  It's an awesome event in Skagit Valley (WA), and thank goodness we had gorgeous weather!

This is the only organized bike ride I've done (although the the Seattle to Portland is hopefully happening next year! This ride was 82 miles.  Not 200 like STP..good thing about forgetting pain and remembering pleasure- haha) and I think it is representative of many other organized rides in that the food is great! There was a spaghetti dinner last night and a pancake breakfast this morning, as well as four rest stops each day that had fruit, muffins, cookies, chips, sandwiches, pretzels, trail mix, and ice cream bars! These were good, too- Helados Mexico was the brand, and they are number one on my Costco list.

Yesterday I had mango, and today I had strawberry, and they were both delicious :) I also had a bite of my dad's coconut, and it was really good.  And I love that they are basically fruit, cream, and sugar!

After we finished the ride today...

...we got burritos for lunch, thanks to Bandito's Burritos, who sponsored the ride!

I had veggie, which was really good.

My grandparents have a summer house about an hour north of us in Bow WA, and we stayed there for a few nights to be closer to the school.  On Friday we went out to dinner at a little place called The Rhododendron Cafe, and it was perfect! The idea there is fresh and local, and the food was amazing.  I had a salad of mixed greens, apples, candied pecans, and chevre from Gothberg Farms, the same place we bought  our goat cheese at the farmers market!

So, this was a fantastic weekend for me.  There's a real sense of community at the ride, which fast became an annual even for me, my dad, and my aunt.  We also had great food and beautiful weather.  Life is good :)

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