Thursday, April 19, 2012

a day in the life

Some of my favorite blog posts to read are the "day in the life" ones, because it's just way too much fun to  know how other people spend their time.  It's like driving by an accident on the side of the road; everyone wants to know more than they do (or maybe should).  So, today is my "day in the life".  It's was pretty average as far as things go, but still a good day. :)

It was sunny and beautiful this morning (it's raining cats and dogs now), so I wore a skirt that I bought a few weeks back at Old Navy.  A step away from my usual jeans and sweatshirt or cardigan, but definitely fun to wear! 

We're in crunch time before the exams for national AP (advanced placement) classes, and this year I have two: US History and Calculus.  Those are really my only two worthwhile classes, and I spend most of my day at school doing work for one or the other.  

I took my first personal foray into politics a couple weeks ago by deciding to run for Vice President of the EHS Torch Honor Society next year, and today I gave my speech.  The campaign was successful and I was elected- although I was running unopposed.  All the same, I'm excited to be 'in office'. :)

After school I stopped at the library to do some studying for history, and enjoyed a latte. 

Then I came home to an exciting piece of mail:

I ordered this from Amazon on a whim, and I absolutely cannot wait to try it out! Doesn't anyone else wish they could do the dance from the end of "Slumdog Millionire"?  Haha.

Tonight I'm getting dolled up and going to a dinner event that I've been looking forward to for more than a month!  News to come- I'll try to get some good pictures. :)

Here's a little recap of my day yesterday as well:

We had a tennis match and it turned out to be a memorable one- my opponent and I split sets and ended up playing for three and a half hours.  We finished around seven, and since no one wanted to come home and have to cook dinner after that, we got teriyaki.

It was the birthday of a girl on the team, and she brought cookies for us!  Beautiful, and hands down the best sugar cookies I've ever had.

Happy birthday, Emily!

So.  A day in the life.  What does your day look like?

Happy Thursday!


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