Monday, July 11, 2011

Loose Ends: French Onion Soup

True confessions: my camera is dead and since I don't have a battery charger I've been taking all my pictures on my phone.  It's not a bad phone (some sort of Android LG thing) but pictures could be better...even if they were taken with just a point-and-shoot.  So, last night I was sitting on a plane in San Francisco waiting to come home to Seattle area after a wedding (congrats Kelly and Justin!) and instead of reading I decided to delete all the old pictures off my phone, and I found eight pictures of French onion soup.  Mediocre pictures.  But to be honest, the soup itself was mediocre.  I'm not sure if it was me, my taste, or the recipe, but even French bread and gruyere couldn't redeem this one in my book.  My parents seemed to like it though, so maybe it was just me. 

Anyway, a few pictures for you:

Yum, onions are delicious!

Before it goes into the oven.  Does anyone else think it's weird to do soup on the stovetop for a few minutes and then just plop it in the oven?  Even if it is to get the bread soggy (why?) and melt the cheese.  Whatever. Haha.

With the French bread and lots of cheese!

And, dinner.  

If you want the recipe I used, you can find it here.

Oh, what this recipe taught me: how to open a wine bottle.  I had to ask my parents to buy the specific wine I wanted (Chardonnay) because I'm not 21, and I should have asked my dad to open it for me.  Because of course I was home alone while I was cooking, and all of a sudden it was time to add the wine.  Fifteen minutes, two how-to articles and two video tutorials later, I was back in business.  Ha.

I've checked out one Best Buy for a charger so far, but I struck out and found out that I'll have to go even further to find one.  But I just got the most exciting news EVER about an event happening in town tonight that I am dying to go to, so it looks like today might be that drive.  If everything works out, I'll have pictures for you tomorrow! :)

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