Friday, July 29, 2011

fun with guests and eating out

We've had two Japanese exchange girls with us since Saturday, so it's been a busy week! One of the things we wanted to be sure happened for them was the "American food" experience- or something like it.  On Sunday night we stayed home and had grilled veggies over rice, and on Monday we went to..

Costco! The girls each had a piece of cheese pizza, but I was feeling like a Polish loaded with mustard and relish and onions.  We thought it was a good intro to some "American" food.  Haha.

On Tuesday we went to a picnic, and we took a pretty Jello salad we made with inspiration from an old issue of Taste of Home:

Blue Jello with crushed pineapple, and them graham cracker crumbs for the beach and frosted and sprinkled grahams as the towels.  And peach rings, Swedish fish, and gummy sharks :)

On Thursday we rode the ferry and hit up Ivar's for dinner.  Everyone else had fish and chips and clam chowder, but I wanted to try the salmon chowder, which was okay.  I also had coleslaw, but then I ended up begging a fish and some chips off my mom.  And some classic chowder.

On Fridays I volunteer at the hospital, and we always get vouchers for the cafeteria- today I had suchi/California rolls and a diet green tea.  And there was money left on the voucher, so the lady who rang me up gave me a cookie too :)

So really I haven't been doing a ton of cooking/baking, but something fabulous did come out of the kitchen yesterday...

More to come!

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