Saturday, April 28, 2012


...the best meals are the simple ones.

...the most incredible desserts aren't the prettiest.  My tennis co-captain's mom made these Nordy bars for the match yesterday, and they were absolutely out of this world.

...the busiest weekend are the best.  I've been going full speed ahead since yesterday morning, but it's been better than I expected.  I went to school early to do some Honor Society work, and had a tennis match after school.  After the match we went back to the school to help set up for a special needs dance that's tonight, and after that I made sure more than 500 pieces of silver were washed, dried, counted, and sorted.  This morning I took a practice AP US History test, and now, finally, I have a little downtime.

Soon I'll head back to school to set tables, join the pre-dance nail/hair/dress party, and then dance it up with the rest of the Honor Society and the EHS special needs students.  It'll be a long weekend, but I think it'll be pretty darn fun.

One of the activities at the dance is a cakewalk, and we're doing it a little differently- instead of a full cake or plate of cookies, each winner can pick an individual treat to enjoy right there.  I couldn't miss a chance to make something, so these S'mores Bars happened

Not the prettiest, but a s'more in bar form (with a some butter and sweetened condensed milk thrown in)? Not such a bad idea, I'm thinking. :)  Hopefully the kids will like them!  Recipe to come. :)

Enjoy your weekend! Is your laid back or busy?


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