Friday, June 10, 2011


Today I found out that the class I've wanted to take for years and the one I finally had the chance to register for probably won't be offered next year (my junior year of good old public high school).  As I was complaining to my friends over lunch, this means the weekend will be spent in some comforting cooking therapy.  And then I remembered a few stray comments some of my friends made- "You should start a food blog!" Actually my dad said this as well, but being a teenage girl I ignored him ;)

But here I am! I'm taking a leap and embarking on a blogging adventure.  I've spent the past eight months realizing just how much food can be- cooking it, eating it, and sharing it.  When the new year rolled around, one of my resolutions (probably the only one I've kept- haha) was to try to 75 new recipes, and at 61 I'm well on my way.  

My first post will be a "food recap" of sorts...some of the pictures I've taken of food I've made or bought.  I'm not a spectacular photographer, but part of the fun is trying to capture in a picture the beauty of good food.  Enjoy!

My favorite things to make are desserts, and for my dad's birthday in February I couldn't resist making this chocolate-peanut butter pie.  Like many of the other recipes I make, I got this one from a food blog- so all the credit goes to Evil Chef Mom.

We have some family in the West Seattle area, and on a recent visit they took us to Bakery Nouveau, where we got these divine twice-baked croissants and lattes.

For spring break this year my Mom and I went east to see some colleges and one of the best parts about the trip was hands down the food we ate.  We stayed right in downtown Chicago for the first part of the trip, which meant several nights of pizza.  Above is vanilla whoopie pie I bought in the bakery across the street from our hotel.

Our first night in Chicago we ate at Gino's East, and the deep dish pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and bell peppers was unlike any pizza I've ever had.  I'm tempted by University of Chicago just so I can eat this fabulous pizza again!

The Ghirardelli chocolate shake followed Gino's, and it was great finish to an awesome meal.

I'm a big cupcake fan, and so we hit up the two cupcake shops within walking distance of the hotel.  We opted for black and white at Sprinkles, and it was a perfect choice.  Although I expect it's pretty hard to go wrong in there :)  The other place had some very unique flavors, and we got the bleu cheese walnut praline.  It was nowhere near as good as the other one, and we actually ended eating the candied walnuts and some of the frosting and throwing most of the actual cupcake away :(

 Another Chicago pizza, this one from Quartino.

Back to the West Coast, our family celebrated  my parents' anniversary with some fried ice cream.  Many thanks to Simply So Good for a wonderful- and easy- recipe!

One of my more recent recipes, this one from a cookbook- Honey: More Than 75 Delicious and Healthy Recipes by Avner Laskin.  These are the  Honey and Fruit-Filled Brioches, and they are great either a snack or breakfast!

No new recipes tonight, but I'll be back with some of the best of the new 61!


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